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Welcome to the Infinicraft Network!

The infinity of minecraft

Infinicraft is a custom coded minecraft minigame network with War Games, Survival Games, Freebuild, Survival.

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Our Servers

Built for stability

Lightning fast SSD storage


∞ Bandwidth

Infinicraft is coded to bring the best quality of gaming expirience alongside multiple unique gamemodes and features. Uncompromising gaming quality.

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Our Gamemodes

We have two gametypes called War Games and Survival Games
and a Freebuild (plot) server and a Vanilla Survival one!

Our Development Team

We put a lot of effort into coding our gamemodes to make them unique and super fun!
We have a team of skilled developers that make the server
an awesome place to play on!

Support our server by getting Ranks, Coins and Boosters

Our gamemodes

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